Friday, December 5, 2008

Traumatized Reindeer Look

You know ... SG ... I see that look on a LOT of faces this season !!! It's kinda like the "deer in the headlights" look ... only more intense !!! People need to think about creative ways to share season ... get back to the spirit of giving ... without the worry of breaking the bank !!! Whoever said Xmas presents had to be digital or high tech ??? I'll show you what I mean !!!

If you're searching for a gift to give your favorite excentric gardener / dog lover ... how 'bout a new faucet for the garden ???


Now there's a gift that no one expected !!! Or maybe you've got a friend that loves the out doors ??? Here's a wonderful woodsey picture frame sure to bring a smile to someone's face !!!


What about that sports enthusiast ??? Why not get him a brand new copy of the Trivial Persuit All Stars Game ???


If you're lucky enough to have a cowgirl for a girlfriend ... try ... a silver braclet with dangling horse charms ... sure to set her heart a flutter !!!


Or show her you really care ... give her your heart ... in a sterling silver / onyx heart pendant !!!


Still ... WHAT to get gramps ??? Why not a great Jerry Randall Gospel CD ??? It'll provide fantastic music for his enjoyment all year long !!!


Now that should take the deer in the headlights look off your face !!! If these items weren't quite the ONE ... you can find more items like them at:

... and don't forget for the best bargains anywhere !!!

Can you top that ??? LOL

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Watch out! the Big Day is barreling down on us like a wild-eyed Santa riding his traumatized Reindeer!!

Probably the majority of folks are still SHOPPING & will continue looking for the BARGAINS until Christmas Eve. Some of the best bargains to be had are on the internet. Here are a few links to check out.

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& here's some other suggestions:

ABigMixedBag -
Visit My OLA House ... my website

Fleapirates Plunder - hunt for treasure old and new, in places far and wide. Specializing in estate sale goods and flea market finds such as antiques & collectibles

All Things Bright & Beautiful - My primary auction listings are vintage beads, dolls, fabrics and Victorian crazy quilting supplies

The Fabric Stash - a potpourri of items from Hello Kitty fabric to childrens clothing to sheets, curtains - you name it she's got it!

Old Turtle Heart An Ever Changing and Diverse Array of new, Vintage, Collectible and Antique Items

CurioCache is a treasure trove of sparkling genuine gems & jewelry, books, toys, collectibles, what-nots, bric-a-brac, knic-knacs, whatzits, widgets, oddities, "uniquities" and so much more!

It's December.......We're almost through 2008. I'm trying to decide if I accomplished anything I intended to accomplish this year..............that's a hard question to answer. I'll give that more thought after Christmas - I certainly wouldn't want to dampen my spirits, yet!

Here's a thought - what do you do with those pink elephant gifts you get at the Holidays or your birthday that you will never use? I read about an idea that sounds like lots of fun to do with them to make it a real "event" in January. Or, do you actively re-gift? Hummmm, inquiring minds want to know........
Check back in a couple of days & we'll "talk" about it - in the mean time - don't get overwhelmed with the wild-eyed Santa & his traumatized Reindeer bearing down on you.....................