Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Ignore The Facts Does Not Change The Facts...Halloween..Witches..Christmas


Don't miss the 'boat'.....I've learned....That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.

Seek out the facts and vote with your knowledge!

Photobucket I did a halloween post a couple of weeks back but I forgot to include a snippet on witches....

Lets was said that to actually meet a witch, you have to put your clothes on wrong side out and then walk backwards on Halloween night...then at midnight you would see a witch. (I told my grandsons that if they misbehave, they'll surely see one at their house...witch on a broom, I mean!) Yes, in years past, I, on occasion would jump astride my 'super sonic broom' and fly wantonly about the room or straight for the intended target.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Il Divo vs Football....No Contest

Football season is now in full swing.....Iamboredtotears!!  Non-stop assault on the ears...screaming, whistles blowing, tantrums being thrown, butt patting, etc...

I found something that has given me the most goose bumps in manyayear....Il Divo!  Candy for the ears...

'Il Divo' in Italian literally means a male (singular) 'prima donna.'

They are:

American tenor David Miller;

Swiss tenor Urs Buhler;

Spanish baritone Carlos Marin;

French pop singer Sebastien Izambard.

This group was initially brought together in 2004 by the infamous Simon Cowell after intensive worldwide auditions.

The virtuoso blending of operatic techniques with both romantic and popular tradition has taken the world by storm.  They have sold over 22 million albums, the first three of which were 'Il Divo', 'Ancora,' and 'Sempre,' the last two translated into English are 'Again' and 'Always.'

Lastly, the group decided to work with only one producer, a longtime collaborator named  Steve McCutcheon (aka Steve Mac).  A musical genius, Mac is able to create beautiful orchestrations by experience.

Take a moment and give your eyes and ears a treat watching and listening to this group singing 'Amazing Grace' like you've never heard it before.  The four guys performed "Amazing Grace" in the beautiful arena in Pula, Croatia .

This coliseum (smaller but better preserved than the one in Rome ) where the concert and recording were done is one of the most well-preserved Roman coliseums in the world.  They are all excellent but make sure you hear the baritone....
Il Divo Singing 'Amazing Grace'

Enjoy!  Goda di!