Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shut the Duck Up!....Mine is named Blanche..

I was reading a blog this morning called Who's Inside Your Head?. Entertaining and insightful. I realized I, too, have an imaginery friend that lives on my shoulder...her name is Blanche. Shut the Duck Up is a 'miserable quacking bad tempered duck very cleverly used as a metaphor for our internal voice'.

Now this t-shirt I should probably get!

My Duck has been around since I was a teenager...we would have long talks in the shower...or sometimes Blanche would be the alter ego that would pop out and become the funniest thing around...quite gregarious she was. My...we did have lots of fun, Blanche and I.

Other times the miserable Duck would start complaining loudly in my head...your hair is a mess, they're probably talking about you, you look ugly in that outfit, why aren't you pretty...I knew it was Blanche and it took me a few years to realize that this 'miserable Duck' was largely up to no good. I discovered that sometimes you don't want to face up to the Duck, you know she made you feel insecure and bad...so that's when I would have a talk in the shower with the Blanche Duck...talking out loud...just seemed to make it more real...I could hear my own voice. This kind of self talk is effective. You never heard a quiet Duck..talk outloud and listen to how you sound. Aaahhh, those were the days.

I wonder what Blanche is doing these days? Haven't seen her in duckades...she was a real pain but actually turned out to be a good friend. I don't say Shut the Duck Up anymore as an internal voice metaphor but do, on occasion, still say shut the duck up!


Wanna tell me if you have a 'miserable quacking bad tempered duck' on your shoulder?


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