Sunday, August 16, 2009

Be Unique...Think Outside The Box...

Are you complacent and stuck sitting Inside a 'box'?

Here is a post by Seth Waite of ProBlogger..Stop being a blogging Zombie that by giving examples makes the point of being innovative and the importance of thinking outside the box. Notice the number of backlinks he has used.

I try to write like I, OK, it's sometimes disjointed...pausing (gotta keep my thoughts in order). I love to read and most enjoy a conversational style. Instead of ... 'See Jane run' (in monotone style) how about..."How in the world does Jane do that power walking thing in those skyscraper platform shoes?...look at her go...'. I'm just saying, that's what I enjoy reading.

Outside The Box IS Where It's At...anyway, Stop being a blogging Zombie is worth the read.

How about some more backlinks...another blogger I enjoy because his style of writing is conversational and since he is Tim Brownson, a Real Life Coach from the UK. has good insight.

The current one is Coping With Conflict and Criticism . It is a bit long but informative and the comments are also good. I came away with some new insights...

Well, methinks I need a Life Coach...I'm still fighting off the boxes in my storage of things that want to get listed at my store...Supergrannys Treasures. There's only 137 days till Christmas, WHY am I dragging my feet? StubsInc is already listing new Christmas items as are a bunch of other sellers.

Fleapirates sent me this quip that I've been digesting for a couple of days now..."I would be unstoppable...if I could just get started". What's my problem?...that's my $64,000 question today.

Anywhooo, check out all the sellers at Online Auction