Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dealing with Stress - Ask Questions - Take a Break

Are you feeling the stress of the economy, the government (now in the business of running banks and car companies), digesting the new taxes, giving millions to Basket Weaving(what?), the threat of a mouse extinction, wondering how warm can the globe be getting (you know, Global Warming) when the north pole can't be reached because it is too COLD this year?

Are you wondering why everyone from the government folks to the news media, are saying we spend our $ on middle east oil when Saudi is #3 behind Mexico #2 and Canada #1? Gas prices are going back up - what happened to Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less? we all have short memories?

Has anybody asked the folks that WE elected to explain what is going on and why is all this happening? They are supposed to be working FOR us, aaarrgghhh!

OK, let's take a badly needed break and try to relax, smell the roses, and stop the blood from gushing from our eyes...
Someone said to do this to bring out your Inner Radiance.....or help to restore your sanity
(I don't know how effective this might be for me as a senior citizen - I'm thinking my inner radiance is imbedded so may be gone forever)

According to Ayurveda, the ancient tradition of medicine from India, a facial massage promotes health and brings out your inner radiance. Using your middle fingers, rub these points on your face in a clockwise direction for 20-30 seconds each: middle of the chin, corners of the mouth, middle of the area between your upper lip and nose, outer edges of both nostrils, center of the cheek bones, temples, and the space between the eyebrows.

Try whining! Don't forget the Bread & Cheese....................
Talking about your problems can seem unproductive. But vocalizing your thoughts about things that are bothering you is actually a great stress release — it gets what’s troubling you out of your head so you can say it stop dwelling and start moving forward. Make a date with a friend to take turns venting. When you’re the listener, don’t commiserate or offer advice. Just be an attentive audience. If you don’t want to vent to someone else, talk to yourself in the shower - in a LOUD voice.....or you could write it down. I know I feel much relieved after telling all of you my stresses....thanks!!

Some folks would benefit by trying this.....IF they can get on the floor.........Don't try this unless you can get back up!
Know how a cranky child magically transforms into a little angel after a nap? Today, treat yourself to five minutes of rest. Gather two firm pillows, then sit on your heels on the floor. Keeping your toes together, open the knees wide and stack the pillows between your knees. Rest your torso on the pillows, head turned to one side. Breathe deeply, releasing tension with each exhale. After several breaths, turn your head to the other side.

Is this helping to relieve your stress? Try this...
Take the sting out of the stress of watching or listening to the news with this 30-second massage. Rest your elbows on a table and place your thumbs under your eyebrows on either side of the bridge of your nose. Let the weight of your head rest on your thumbs for 10 seconds. Then pinch your eyebrows with your thumbs and index fingers. Hold for 1 second, then move your fingers a half-inch out. Repeat until you’ve covered the whole brow.

Occasionaly forget the worlds woes and pretend it is your birthday and splurge by expending what energy you have left on you...
Remember when Mom used to make your favorite meal for your birthday, and how great it made you feel? Pretend it's your birthday and treat yourself to one of your very favorite things — whether it's homemade mac and cheese, a bouquet of fresh flowers, or even a nap. When you make it a point to treat yourself well, other people will be more likely to do the same.

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