Thursday, March 25, 2010

How's Your Right Brain?

Ever wonder how your right brain is functioning?  Time yourself....
Find the man between the coffee beans. Doctors have concluded that if
you find the man in 3 seconds that the right half of your brain is better
developed than most people.

If you find the man between three seconds
and one minute, then the right half of your brain is developed normally.

If you find the man between one minute and three minutes, then the
right half of your brain is functioning slowly and you need to eat more

If you have not found the man after three minutes the right half of your
brain is a mess, and the only advise is to look more for these types of
exercises to make that part of the brain stronger.

WHEW! I feel better now...I found the man!

The man is really there. Now that I know  the right side of my brain is highly developed, I'm wondering what's up with the left side...there's no test for that side?   Guess I'll investigate...... 
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BTW, just thought I would remind you that April's Fools Day will be here next alert and don't let some clever 'fool-maker' get you.

                                        I just hate when that happens!
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