Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Business and Personal Success!!

What Will 2009 Bring?

Business & Personal Success!! I'll go for that!!
Quit smoking, drinking alot LESS - done that!!

Selling product online - e-commerce - The latest places for shopping trendsetters to be seen are the online social shopping malls -- which could be venues like, BuyItSellIt or places like Kaboodle, StyleHive, ThisNext, etc. that are social networking sites designed for friends & acquaintances to look for ways to unload some cash.

It's no fun shopping alone. That's the theory behind social shopping, a trend that combines social networking with e-commerce. It's a trend that's coming into its own as increasing numbers of online shoppers turn to the sites for fun, companionship, and camaraderie. a very social, interactive experience," Manish Chandra, the CEO and cofounder of social shopping site Kaboodle, told the E-Commerce Times. "Shopping is not just a transactional experience."

Social shopping sites attempt to create an online experience that replicates, to a degree, going to the mall with a group of friends. In the stereotypical mall experience, friends point out products to each other, comment on them, and share stories -- all the while bonding as much as they're actually shopping. Online social shopping sites aim to give shoppers a similarly interactive, personal and communal experience.

"It's like going shopping with a friend versus going alone," Chris Kensler, editorial director for social shopping site Stylehive, told the E-Commerce Times. "You get to bounce ideas off of each other and get new ideas. It's the kind of discovery that comes from shopping in a group that makes the site work."

Some social shopping sites, like ThisNext and StyleHive, focus on helping users make themselves into trend-setting "celebrities," complete with fans who follow their every move, including their purchasing decisions.

By the way, I enjoy ThisNext - spent some time there this morning and ended up with purchasing 5 ChicoBags which are large eco friendly shopping bags that fold up into it's own little pouch & will fit in your purse. I have several shopping bags but they are so cumbersome & I end up forgetting to take them with me when I shop.

I bought 5 for $20 - I felt that was a good bargain from
I purchased because of the large size & eco friendly in order to STOP using plastic bags at the grocery & green grocer. I'm being over-run with plastic bags that eventually end up in the dump or landfill.
"Blog Comments....You don't want to go overboard in the linking and branding in blog comments, because the line between promotion and spam is very fine in a venue like this. People reading blog comments want to see insightful conversation" and points regarding the article or story "talked" about. "They don't want to see you advertising your business. The best way to get traffic from blog comments is to link your name to your site. This will give them the opportunity to see what your business is all about if they like what you have to say.

They are not going to click on your link if you just comment to say that you sell jewelry for example." from an article by Chris Crum, SmallBusinessNews.

Doesn't it seem like we are told different things by different people? I've been told to show pictures & links to what I am selling - lots of things. Now we have another viewpoint. What are we supposed to do?

I guess I'll just continue to practice my skills at
reading to see how much this addlepated old brain an retain!! Can't hurt - might help!!

Have you finished your New Years Resolutions yet? I'll let you know when I finish mine. Enjoy.....