Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do we need a Gratitude and a Spread Joy Reminder In Our Attitudes?

This is a reminder of something we can do daily to give us a positive attitude boost! If you've seen them again...definitely puts a smile on your face...

The Gratitude Dance

This video, produced by the "Gratidudes", infuses an upbeat Caribbean tune with choreography that vaguely resembles a chicken at a square dance. chicken Pictures, Images and Photos Although there have been no studies done on the subject, you should try dancing it with a frown on your face -- it's impossible.

All of this may feel frivolous as people lose their jobs and struggle financially, but one thing that has been proven is that negativity evokes more negativity. If you spend much time watching the news and wondering why the politicians we voted for are making noises that they know what is best for us, etc etc etc, then an attitude adjustment towards the positive is indeed in order. The theory behind Brightsiding is that we need to be energized in order to have the strength to pull ourselves up by our boot straps.

Breaking it down even more, to break the cycle of negativity, you need to compartmentalize: you do all you can to make your life, your family and your community better. But when you've done all you can, you need to think about something other than the sad scary stuff. You need to fortify yourself with laughter, positive thoughts and the joy of being with the people you love.

So, whether you lighten your mood by watching these videos or doing something fun with the people you love, remember that there is a bright side, and you can find it.
The Gratitude Dance by the Gratidudes needs to be seen and heard. It's amazing...try it!


There are some people who respond to the spirit-crushing and downright scary headlines with a cheerfulness that's almost inappropriate.

It's called "Brightsiding." It's based on the belief that, though you can't control the stock market or your job security, you can control your outlook on life. So why not stay positive?

The best online explanation of the Brightsiding concept comes from an original composition and animation called Spread Joy video The composer, Mike Strickland said the idea just came to him.

"I was watching TV news one day thinking, 'There needs to be more positive messages being sent around the world,'" he said. "So I wrote a cheerful song called 'Spread Joy.'" Watch it, take the concept to heart and we can all do our part to Spread Joy throughout the World!

and, so, as a Citizen who happens to be Senior (that means I'll be graduating soon...) I know that wrinkles around the eyes make you look happy. Of course, I cleverly disguise the tiny lines around my eyes with huge wrinkles! Why did I mention the thing about being a senior citizen? I feel compelled to ease the worry of you 'youngsters' and reassure you that as you age you will get chin hairs....but...not to worry cuz they give you something to stroke while looking thoughtful, mature and wise! Did that help?

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