Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Holiday Season has been officially launched with Thanksgiving.....


The Holiday Season has been officially launched with Thanksgiving.....

We all ate turkey Thursday - by late afternoon - our belts & pants buttons were undone - & a good share of us were having a post turkey snooze Smiley Sleeping 1 Pictures, Images and Photos
Let's face it - a lot of people were dreaming of shopping the next day & plotting their strategy for going after those bargains! Grocery shopping cart smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
Maybe we all should make sure we have a list & a plan. I can remember in the past seeing something for Aunt Bertha & buying it because it was such a good bargain but knowing deep down she would hate it - but, hey, my job was done - I had a present for her! That was oh such a bad attitude! Totally thoughtless!

Maybe she collects cups & saucers or vintage linens or vintage kitchen items or old photos - maybe she would appreciate something that is collectible - a present doesn't always have to be new.

Here's a suggestion an inexpensive collectible Hazel Atlas Teardrop Pattern Mint dish
that would make a beautiful soap dish add a bar of genuine homemade goats milk scented soap from Metzy Mom's Emporium - choose a bar from many scents & sizes
& you have a thoughtful useful beautiful collectible gift for under $10.00.

Visit for luscious homemade soaps that will nourish & moisturize your skin.

My OLA House:

Have fun shopping - avoid the rush, the traffic & high prices - shop the internet at the above sites for true quality bargains.

ENJOY the Season!!! Look "outside" the box for ideas..................

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ABigMixedBag said...

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