Monday, January 19, 2009

WHO KNEW? Twitter Friends and new Twitter Group

What a surprise I got when I discovered my friends are twitterers also (I say that with all this confidence that I know what I am doing.......NOT)


tjintx TreasuresUnique

Cap'n P'nut aka Cap'n Donna This P'nut is a new GRANNY Photobucket


This must mean some sort of progress is being made. Anyway, check out the stores above for best bargains on the net from quality clothing to vintage jewelry to packing supplies to horse linament Horsey Smiley Pictures, Images and can find it all at or

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I'm going to see if anybody has twitted me...........


Fleapirates said...

SG, if I could figure out how to TWEET ya, I would! ROFLOL!

Capt Donna said...

OK.... Maybe THIS is where I get to Say HI I got to SuperGranny's Blog!?

That would be Capt Donna aka Cap'n P'nut with a GrandBaby

Capt Donna said...

HEY S.G. Love your musings - always put a smile on my face - now off ot look at your goodies you've put at OnLineAuction.Com !!
Capt Donna