Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Busier than a one arm Juggler Senior Citizen with Bargains

Senior living just keeps going on......things keep changing....usually the things I don't want to change....

I saw a couple of funny cartoons for us seniors......I don't know, maybe they are only funny to us but I got a belly rolling laugh out of them....Let's see what you think.

and not to leave the hubby out (even though he doesn't drink beer) since we are all trying to exercise.......

Here's what's NEW as of today....I am cleaning out my jewelry box - gave the girls whatever they wanted and I'm selling the rest. 10 and 14 KT gold necklaces and bracelets, fine costume jewelry, and more.

Why am I doing this - well, it's all been in boxes for more than 2 years and I haven't missed it and I haven't even found the rest of it yet. My husband summed it up the other evening and I just about lost my teeth (yes, they can go flying). He said "we don't need much since we are living the Ma and Pa Kettle Lifestyle!" After I got up from rolling around on the floor, I thought, he's right I don't wear it so why do I want to store it. Besides, I will eventually need the extra money for those adult diapers and liquid food.... Well, there your are, senior common sense!!

I'm giving you all a heads up here is some pictures of the items I've just listed and where you can find them....


See them all at My OLA House:


Fleapirates said...

I'm going shopping... at Supergranny's! :)

grouchow said...

Those cartoons were just too, too funny! How come I can relate :( !! And the jewelry is very nice. And since I only have sons, I sold most of my jewelry too. Still have to sell some of the higher end stuff though. :)