Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reflecting on 9-11-2001...

Never forget that TERRORISTS attacked us on our own homeland....


7 years ago our lives were changed
Never to be the same
And to think it all started
Because someone hijacked a plane
Terrorists they called them
A word that became well known
They destroyed so many lives that day
They attacked our home
The United States stood frozen
For a moment in time
As we watched those people
Commit an unexplainable crime
Then sadness and emotion came
Our fears took flight
And we realized we had
To stand up and fight
Our heroes our brave
All banded so strong
To face our enemy
Who we knew was wrong
They brave they're lives
And sometimes they're lost
I believe in this war
But at what cost?
We've lost so many soldiers
Yet gained no respect
From the people we fight
Who never seem to reflect
On the havoc they reeked
That September day
When for just one moment
America all stopped to pray
So today stand up
Remember and be proud
America band together
Dont be afraid to be loud
Show them our pride
In the Red White and Blue
Where freedom is a word
That rings Loud and True
Make them remember
The loved ones lost that day
And everyday since
Kneel down and pray
Pray loud and Thank God!
Wherever you may be
That we live in America

Written by Sasha Thomas

Remember all those lost 7 years ago. Pray for their families and all of our soldiers who are fighting for our freedom and who have lost their lives in this war. We will never forget 09-11-2001!
Tribute Lights on Twin Towers Site 09/11/2008! Never forget...fight to retain our freedoms....


grouchow said...

I agree, with all that is going on in this world today, we should never forget 9/11! So very, very sad.

maggiemaybecrafty said...

Amen SG. Well said.