Saturday, September 26, 2009

What? Tax On Sugar Drinks..or Who Says We're Too Fat?

What is happening?
Being an independant minded person, I have been watching and listening to the news every day. I wonder how many of you realize the extent things are changing in our country? Do you ignore it?

This isn't the BIG thing but definitely something to think about. If this passes, we will ALL be affected.

Do you think it is appropriate for the government to impose a 1 cent per OUNCE tax on all drinks containing sugar? (It's not that they are worried about our sugar's just another way to TAX US)

I saw this and decided it pretty much says it all...

Two Story Outhouse


Yep!!! This pretty much says it all.

I am sorta confused, I thought our congressman and senators were in office to work for US? Pay attention, learn, and understand what's happening to our Republic!

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Supergrannys Treasures


Aesthetics48 said...

I totally agree, SG.... The politicos are supposed to represent the peeps but I think they forgot that!!!! As for SUGAR DRINK SIN TAXES....... be ready they will shortly think everything is a sin.. Eventhough legal, cigs and alcholol have been sin taxed up to yazoo..... Give me a while and I can probably think of a few more. Ack, They put a sales tax on WATER in a bottle too.... I almost forgot :(

maggiemaybecrafty said...

You are so right. The graphic does says it all.

Supergranny said...

A's, sad situation for sure, but I can go to the loo for my do....other than the sewer charge...wonder if they'll eventually put a meter on my do loo?

maggiemaybecrafty said...

I'm getting excited SG, I can't wait to see what books you are listing for the Anything Kitchen sale.

Sunflower Ranch said...

SG!!! Great photo above and discussion. Yes they will figure out a way to tax your "loo do." You'd think they would have to pay triple the charge, since they are so full of do. :(