Monday, October 19, 2009

Who Has Barack Refused To Meet With?

This is from a political satirist from would appear our friends 'down under' understands what we're going through. The headline was....WHAT ARE THE USA NEWPAPERS DOING [Other than SUPPRESSING THE TRUTH] ??

Do you think this attitude should give us pause?

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Aesthetics48 said...

I agree!...... I know that there is something very twisted about Obama not wanting to talk to anyone other than dictators but then again.... I guess it is going to be a very, very Halloween. :(

Supergranny said...

and a very very halloween to you! Thanks.........

Sunflower Ranch said...

But under Obamacare, will vampires need a medical degree to practice? And how much will we be taxed if we would rather not opt in to their service? Oh, that's right, I forgot -- they are government blood-suckers, so it's ok. [Their czar is Count Dracula, he's one of the 33 bloodsuckers, oops I mean czars, running the government now.] They will be taking the census...