Monday, December 22, 2008

The day is arriving - get organized

OK, let's make an effort to get organized!! Company will arrive in exactly 51 hours. What has to be done before then - - - -

Have kitties nails clipped. Have our hair clipped. Thaw the turkey. Take husband to the Opthamologist (what a dumb time to make a Dr's appt). Start preparing food. Change sheets on beds. Clean house. Wrap Christmas presents. Do I have enough serving bowls? What is going to go in which dish? Choose table decorations. Do I have enough scotch tape to wrap presents? Better run to the store - what else do I need? WOW, I'd better get the crushed pineapple draining - that always takes time.

What did I do with that used nose hair clippers I was going to wrap as a gag gift for Wilbur? Is it 5 o'clock yet? Could sure use just a titch of wine!!

I know I am going to forget something - maybe I should make a where is my list pad.....maybe on my desk?....oh, this is a mess - I'd better clean this off. shuffle shuffle, stick stuff in drawers. There, that looks better - now what was I looking for? I should make a list - oh, that's what I was looking for - my list pad!!

Gotta check email and o-mail (my mail at in case somebody needs something or wants to tell me something).

It's not New Years yet but I've got to remember to make a resolution to not wait until the last minute to get all this done before Christmas eve eve eve day next year....and put my list pad on the refrigerator so I can write stuff on it before I forget.

I'm going to just sit down for a bit, have a fresh cup of coffee and relax before I start to seriously think about getting organized!

I guess I should clean house...................

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone!!


Fleapirates said...

You'll get it all done, Supergranny, I just know it! :) I went back and read the story about little Bobby Decker again. What a good story! And exactly what the holidays should be all about. Thanks for posting it! And may you and your family have a fabulous holiday!

grouchow said...

Organization isn't my strong suit this time of year but I appreciate your comments and they are fun to read. By the way you little elf, thank you for the cute card. :)