Friday, December 26, 2008

Gifts - New Years Resolutions - Bargains

Gifts - New Years Resolutions - Bargains

We had our Christmas dinner Christmas Eve & opened our presents. Photobucket We laughed till we cried & had a festive time. We have to share our precious kids now that our 3 daughters have husbands and another family to celebrate with, we are glad to share their time. We are thankful we have this much time with them. They all have 4 legged "kids" - we have 6 grand dogs, 2 grand cats, 2 grand horses, 2 pretty birds, 1 rabbit, and a cute little furry thing that stays in a cage. Oh, we do have 3 grandsons who are FAR away in New Jersey with their parents, of course. So we rarely get to spend Christmas with them. They are gorgeous and the apples of our eye!

What to do with those "oddball" presents that you really don't want or need!!

Now be honest.......have you ever received a wrapped set of shampoo - conditioner from a hotel as a gift? or a purse shaped like a house? or used nose hair clippers? or body lotion that has been used with a very strong scent? I think everyone gets the oddball unwanted presents occasionally. How about you and your friends have a party after the new year, bring your most awful gift and swap them. What a great way to start the year with lots of mirth and turn a negative into a positive.
I received about the ugliest humongous shirt for a present this year (it was a joke gift). Let's see, how do I explain this beast..........looks like something that cousin Wilbur would wear proudly on the beach Photobucket Know what I'm going to do with it? It's going to get put in the Christmas box for next year and I will add something to embellish this shirt - like maybe some misplaced buttons or "tastefully" decorated paint splotches............. It will likely get regifted every year for years to come, giving everyone a good laugh!!
Has your husband ever gifted you with something HE wanted? with the reason being he can now fix, repair, etc something for you? Then I figure your next gift to him would be that new KitchenAid Mixer so that you can bake HIM something scrumptuous!! You know, this is a great concept!!
It's the thought that counts but what do you suppose they were thinking? Seriously it IS the thought that counts and receiving something shows that someone thought of you...........

2009 is rapidly approaching with all the hopes and dreams we all had at the beginning of 2008!!

I am trying to remember some of the things we wanted to accomplish last year.........I know one thing was to procrastinate less and to make lists so we wouldn't forget things. We've been seriously working on that - - - - -but it's come down to - give the list to my husband to put in his pocket - - - -then pin another note to his jacket or shirt front telling him to look at the list in his pocket. See? we're working on that problem.

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