Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am sad and worried...wanna help me pick out a new t-shirt?

Between being so sad that my only three grandsons have gone home to New Jersey (I am in Colorado) and worrying about the dreadful future of our country, along with sighing and reminiscing of the way things used to be....I am searching for coupons for Depends!! I've lost my 'rose-colored' glasses and am now seeing things in glaring color!! I wonder if that is why so many folks prefer to stay under their rock and not face the facts?

No matter how long and treacherous your life's journey may seem.....Remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel!Photobucket

On a lighter note, I am a senior citizen that likes t-shirts with sayings on them. I just found some I have not seen before....check them out...ya think any of them would be good for me?
Photobucket(I think she's cute!)
PhotobucketI hate when that happens
PhotobucketWOW, guess I wouldn't smile either!

Hey, gals, we aren't the only ones with pieces and parts heading south


Alright, I'll quit...BTW, you may or may not know I have a large collection of Advertising, Casino, Vintage Ashtrays that I have listed at my store at...Supergrannys Treasures. I have many boxes that are not listed. I frequently visit other sites to check on ashtrays. I have to say ebay is getting some action and the prices are good...many are selling much higher than what I have them listed at on I almost always shop for the best price...but these buyers just see it and bid on it! Guess I could sell them on ebay, but their fee schedule is getting truly gruesome and this ole filly can't afford the fees. If you can find it at OnlineAuction, it is generally a bargain...I know mine are. Take a gander and browse around... Supergrannys Treasures.

Keep a cool head and try not to hemorrhage through your eye sockets when you read or hear the news...


Sunflower Ranch said...

SG!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the great post!! OMG, those shirts are a hoot!! They are all funny and appropriate [except the last one, which would not be appropriate for you wear.] I think you have to find your "inner T-shirt" and go with the flow. Some days you might feel like "I hate everybody," other days you might feel like a Porn Star, especially if you don't wear the proper undergarments and leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. [Ick. Just ICK!!!]

Sorry your boys had to go back East. I hope you can get together again very soon.:D

patbiv said...

By golly, Super G, I catch you blog every chance I get.. and I don't know how I missed this one the first time around! It's great. I'm a T shirt gal my self, and just love these!