Sunday, July 26, 2009

Senior Sex Advice...Can't Hurt..Might Help...Dating in the 50's

This is from Suddenly Seniors

The Archives of Internal Medicine tells us that drinking a cup of Joe translates into "a higher rate of sexual activity in elderly women and a decreased prevalence of impotency among elderly men." No one knows why. I adore coffee and read just today that some speculate that the brew promotes more liberal behavior. Well, can't hurt...who knows might help?

Shoot, why not have a romantic cup 'o brew tonight before going to bed with your precious...might keep you awake a bit longer. It may be just what you need to get a leg up (so to speak) on the 'situation'. Remember, though, if you encounter an erection lasting four hours or more, contact your Dr, don't blame me. Photobucket

Oh, did I tell you? According to a recent scientific survey, the less sex you have, the worse your memory becomes.


and then......
I was MUSING the other day about the 'good ole days' of the 50's...the morals, problems of the young people of that's a memory from my sheltered life...

Do you recognize this instrument of torture?

Gals, did you have a mother that would insist on you wearing your best rubber band type girdle (hot, sticky, objects of torture with garters that become imbedded into your thighs) when you went out on a date or to a social event?

Well, mine did and I just thought she wanted me to look nice and have good posture! I just wore one without a word. I was such a good girl!!

Now I know better....Photobucket...she didn't give a whit what I looked like...she knew that girdle was certainly couldn't 'spread' anything with that RUBBER BAND around your lower body. Matter of fact, I don't even remember knowing what a condom was....didn't need to know about em...I had to wear a girdle! Rubber girdles didn't come off could figure the first 43.3 minutes after arriving home was dedicated to wresting that wet tool of torture off.....UGH!!

Can anybody else remember those 'good ole days'? Got any stories?

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Fleapirates said...

ROFLOL! Thank goodness I am at least young enough to have NOT needed to learn about girdles!

What were we talking about???

grouchow said...

Those were the days! I laughed my buns off when I read your girdle story. My Mom gave me one of those to hold my stockings up! Only problem was that the sucker kept rolling off my waist because I was too skinny and didn't have a butt, yet.... Ahhhh those were the days!

patbiv said...

girdles? I would remember girdles/ ..yeh.. I came in on the tail end of that fad, then along came panty hose !!!and more torture!!!
Thanks, Super G!

Supergranny said...

Flea, Pat, tells me you gals are just 'youngsters':)

Thanks Grouchow, nice to know somebody remembers:)

Eileen Williams said...

Oh, Super Granny--

You actually have me longing for the days of girdles and long line bras. Now that my lumps and rolls are burgeoning with abandon, I could really use the constrictive force of industrial strength spandex!

Supergranny said...

Eileen, you're beautiful and we have all worked so hard to be 'voluptuous' and gorgeous! No worries..Enjoy yourself...thanks for the comment.