Thursday, December 31, 2009

Unusual Hangover Remedies....Happy New Year

Here's some hangover remedies from around the world that may make you never drink again....

Ever had a prairie oyster?  The Prairie Oyster is a raw egg, (dispose of the egg white) lemon juice or vinegar, pepper, and a dash of Worcestershire.  Don't break the yolk......swallow it'll forget about the headache!

In Russia drink the juice after pickling cabbage or cucumber.  It's called rassol.

The Chinese boil banana peel in water and drink the liquid.

Icelanders drink a glass of cider vinegar mixed with honey.

Strong coffee with a pinch of salt: recommended by the French.

Germany... try bananas, red meat and milk or raw pickled herring in mustard with juniper berries.

I wouldn't mind this one so much...the classic Puerto Rican cure is rubbing your armpits with the juice of lemons and limes for long-lasting protection.

The Japanese use Hapalyse, made from cattle liver and vitamins B15, B2 and E.

Mongolians drink a glass of tomato juice with a pickled sheep's eye in it.  Now, WHERE do you purchase pickled sheep's eyes?

I read that somewhere in Russia drinks a glass of urine before they start to drink.  NOT!  OMG!

How about pop to your local market, pick up a pint or so of cow's blood...go home and cook it....then drink.   YUK...

It's New Years Eve, folks are gonna imbibe...maybe a bit much so thought I would just throw out some simple? unusual remedies.

I prefer to eat before I drink...every other drink is a glass of water...and water with ibuprofen before falling...hopefully in bed.

My days of drinking until I thought I was the cutest thing that ever lived have long I just party down in my head!

I hope 2010 is a more prosperous year and our country does not lose sight of the Constitution and attack our freedoms.



Anonymous said...

After reading those cures, I think I'd rather stay hungover.

Supergranny said...

hahahaha...I agree with ya jas..

Fleapirates said...

I got through the Prairie Oyster one without too much mental distress, but once I got down to Germany and Japan I started feelin' a little queasy, SG! YUK!

A bartender I know told me that good ole Mountain Dew in the AM will set you straight! :)

Staying home on amateur night is a good idea... just family, the tv, a bottle of cheap champagne and a side of OJ! No pickled sheep's eyes required!

Aesthetics48 said...

Really...... those remedies just make me want to stay home and stay sober. YUK! Happy New Year. :)

maggiemaybecrafty said...

Queasy is right. Don't really want to try any of these.

I wonder if the lemons & limes are rubbed on the armpits before or after they are squeezed into someones drink?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Super G! Thanks for all of the info and giggles and for showing your unique offerings for sale in 2009. Loved this post... Only one that I heard of before was the prarie oyster.. yuck! I've never tried it but it sure is a sobering thought.