Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The NBC Late Night Wars....Making

...I mean historical!

I discovered this video on Goomba News Network Blog

It's a good thing there are videos posted or folks like us would never know the horrible wars, trials and tribulations of Late Night... Just at what point in the evening does 'Late Night' start? I guess I'm in the feathers before the announcement is of these days we'll have to see what happens during the 'Late Night'.

I especially like the big-eyed gentlemen with the round glasses and the doughnut eating fella...

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Fleapirates said...


I really can't stand Conan... and I am ready to watch Leno back on Late Night. I must agree with the maker(s) of that video, though. The whole thing is (was) ridiculous!

Supergranny said...

I never watched Jay until he was on early..never watched Conan...he does seem a bit guess we won't be watching Jay later either.